The DGS Story is the story of one man, Shri Dudhnath Girdhari Shukla , and his clear commitment to the vision of settling for nothing but the best.

Early Life

He was only six, when he lost his mother. His elder sister, whose husband ran a flourishing dairy business, brought him to Mumbai to stay with her family.

Marriage and Children

At 25, he got married and had four sons and three daughters. His sons now run the business. All four of them have not just inherited their father’s sharp business sense but also his strong ethical fiber, and rare entrepreneurial outlook to rise in life with unwavering strength and a clear conscience

A Dream Boat Sets Sailing

He then started D. G. Traders in 1985. The company dealt in wires used in the construction industry to bind steel pillars. Gradually, business began to grow.

A Typical Day

A typical day in the life of Shukla would start at 4.30 am with a morning walk. He would then spend the next two hours watching all the news headlines on TV, especially business news – a habit he has maintained to this day. Usually, he is the one to alert his sons to any new development.

The Day Wears On

At 8,00 am, after a steaming cup of tea, he would leave for his site visits, and return home only by noon for a two-hour power nap.

Up and About Again

At 2.30, he would be back in office to oversee all operations personally. 7 pm to 9 pm would be his news time in front of the Television again. At 9.30, he would be in bed.

A Karamyogi

All his life, he has followed this strict routine, never eaten out, never missed a walk. At 78 now, he is fighting fit – no diabetes, no high blood pressure. "If you strive hard enough, the impossible will turn into possible." he says and firmly believes in the Power of the Possible.

Transport Business

In 1992, the company expanded into a transport business with the establishment of DGS Transport. In no time, the fleet of trucks grew and today, we have a fleet of 50 handsome trucks.

Re-development and the Birth of DGS

The year 2009 marked DGS Group’s entry into re-development. Younger scions Ishwerdev Shukla and Indradev Shukla have joined the family business and infused it with new blood as well as fresh ideas.

Growth Continues

Today, the DGS Group-Builders & Developers has envisioned a strong growth trajectory for itself. With 21 completed, 17 ongoing and 62 more projects in the pipeline, the Group wishes to change the face of realty in Mumbai. Its strong portfolio of completed projects bears testimony to the its rise as the "Emerging Developers of Mumbai".

Time line

1985 :  Shri Dudhnath Girdhari Shukla starts D. G. Traders.

1992 :  The company diversifies into transport with the establishment of DGS Transport.

1996 :   Elder sons, Surajdev and Brahmdev Shukla start trading in river sand, metal stones and bricks

1995 :   The Group starts supplying steel to builder industry

1998 :   Supply of cement

2004 :   Entry into labour supply industry

2009 :   The Group makes a formal entry into re-development.

2011 :   The Group successfully completed 4 projects

2016 :   The Group successfully completed 17 projects
Took another 21 projects in hand

2017 :   The group completed 21 projects and has 17 upcoming ones. At the same time 62 more are in the pipeline.