A leading real estate name with a focus on affordable housing and sustainable growth, DGS Group-Builders & Developers has been delivering landmark properties with world-class infrastructure for over 30 years now.

We are committed to delivering quality affordable homes, meant to last for generations because of who we are; the values we stand and score by; the pride we take in our construction work; and above all, our passion for developing unique projects from conception to completion in the beautiful city of Mumbai.

The houses we build are not just a place to reside in, but a home to enhance a family’s happiness for years to come.



Armed with 25 years of heritage in the construction industry, the DGS Group is committed to building projects that improve our lives.

ImageIntegrity and Transparency

We are fully committed to the community and our reputation of integrity, goodwill and trust in the realty industry.


In terms of timely and within budget deliveries, our professionalism is unmatched. This is made possible with a highly experienced team of goal-driven directors and senior managers commanding a wealth of experience in the realty industry


We understand that a home is often a one-time investment for most of us. Therefore, each of our projects is carefully designed to give you maximum comfort and happiness through well-thought out, well-designed, Vaastu compliant homes.

ImageUnmatched Quality

We are proud of the many years of exceptional work we have behind us in the construction industry. We have a track record of 30 years to match the promises we make. The hallmark of DGS projects is careful budgeting, value-engineering design and timely execution.


From things as small as prior submission of a quote for a kitchen hinge to the promised size and specs of a bathroom mirror, we go the extra mile in making sure we have the approval of our customers and each one of you is made to feel special.

ImageSocial Justice

Our housing projects straddle the full spectrum of the realty sector from one-BHK residential to luxury apartments. We are committed to meeting all construction-linked goals with utmost sincerity and top-notch service.