Surajdev Shukla

Managing Director - (MD)

With his vast experience spanning over 20 years, The DGS Group Managing Director is extremely forthright in his dealings with customers and subordinates. Ever on time, he keeps a strict watch over the operations of the group and is responsible for taking a majority of the strategic decisions by taking active part in the project planning processes.

Brahmdev Shukla

Chief Financial Officer - (CFO)

In his role as the CFO, Brahmdev Shukla manages and protects all of DGS Group Properties’ real estate investments, land liaison work and taking all approvals. Operating hands-on at the helm of the Group’s financial affairs, he has helped in identifying and establish numerous, independent and profitable business lines for the Group. His experience in the realty segment spans residential and commercial development, managed from the supply side of the realty market.


Chief Executive Officer - (CEO)

Very sharp and clear in goal-planning and number-crunching, the CEO’s vision for the Group has set it on a phenomenal growth trajectory. A left-hander, he likes to put down all his ideas in black and white in little ‘books’ left all over his personal space, as constant reminders of all that needs to be accomplished in an action-packed day. In his capacity as the Group’s CEO and managing director and head of the Business Development Team, his exceptional strategies include – building a strong portfolio of housing and commercial projects that answers the need of every investor; authorizing and encouraging the use of the latest construction technology and laying down a firm policy on quality. He insists that the Group employees go beyond budget evaluation to satisfy the customers and deliver more than what has been promised.

Indradev Shukla

Asset Manager and Chief Strategist

The youngest member of the family, Indradev Shukla has a resolute interest in UP politics. He also takes interest in the management of the Group’s asset and portfolio. His role also encompasses identifying new areas of investment, taking part in the planning processes; growth and exit strategies. Keen on enhancing the capability spectrum of DGS Group, he proactively takes measures to make the Group future-ready in every respect.

Alpesh Meswani

Chief Operating Officer - (COO)

Realizing the company’s goals and mission, the COO’s primary contribution to the DGS Group is his efficient management of projects and marketing. He has been instrumental in introducing global best practices to the Group’s multifarious activities in the construction industry.

Amit Kumar Jena

Head - Sales & Marketing

Self–motivated and goal-driven, Amit has been a sales professional in the real estate industry for over 13 years, with a successful track record in selling hi-end homes, second/vacation homes, luxury condominiums and premium commercial properties to high net worth investors. During the interim, he has been a consistent performer in the booming realty markets of Mumbai, Pune and adjoining areas, and has proven ability in concept selling, channel partner management and team-building. Armed with an MBA degree in Marketing, Amit has worked as VP (Sales) with Teresa Lin Realty LLP, where he brought in Rs 19 crore of business in six months of the minimum ticket size of 10 lakhs, and before that AVP (Sales) at Klickbrick Housing Consultants. He has also worked with Oricon Developers, Jenvin Projects, Eiffel Developers, Silvex Realty and Odissy Realcon in Bhubaneswar.